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QwoaterDIRECT supports accountants and administration offices with building and maintaining structured files. Through our document management software, you as an accountant can easily and quickly collaborate with employers and employees. Files and documents are only accessible to persons with the right authorization. Give individuals the right to look into, edit or check files. Document management from one environment, fully AVG and GDPR proof. Collaborating safely on documents has never been so easy.

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4 benefits of QwoaterDIRECT

  • Access to all files

    With QwoaterDIRECT, you have direct access to client files from one central location. You can collaborate efficiently with different parties and obtain the correct information quickly. QwoaterDIRECT realises effective document management as a part of the work process.

  • Collaborate efficiently

    In QwoaterDIRECT, you can give specific users access to types of documents and particular clients, exactly how your business operations demand. With this, you can also offer clients safe access to the documents you want to share with them.

  • Sharing with diverse parties

    Not every party needs access to the complete (employee) files. With QwoaterDIRECT, you can decide which documents will be accessed per party. The financial department, for example, only needs access to the declaration of employees. 

  • Quick search

    Never go on a quest to find the correct file or document again. The extensive search function of QwoaterDIRECT searches through the content of all your documents and files, just like Google. This allows you to save time and access the correct information quickly.

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Via Salaria

“QwoaterDIRECT offers a lot of added value for our office. In addition to the accessible interface, the ability to search across all employees by document type is a great advantage. QwoaterDIRECT allows us to organise our processes more efficiently. For example, we can apply collective changes with one push of a button.”

Francina de Mooij
Chief of Via Salaria

Functionalities of QwoaterDIRECT

Discover here how we can support you in building and maintaining files.

Preview on documents

No unnecessary downloads: documents are directly readable after selecting. Through an extra option, you can also make the file bigger to easily read it without a download.

Open and edit Qwoater documents directly in Microsoft (MS) Word

Office documents can, if you possess the right permissions, be opened directly after selection from QwoaterDIRECT in MS Word. Edits will be saved in Qwoater.

Find documents quickly through searchable columns and search in text.

QwoaterDIRECT is focused on getting you to work quickly on documents. To find the right document, you can quickly search for characteristics or text in documents.

Functional permissions

You can give specific rights to users. Next to assigning an administrator, you can also determine if a user can look into the audit-trail of a document or can edit documents directly.

Move documents easily to another client or employee

Documents are easy to ‘move’ from one client to another. You only need to change the characteristics of the document. You can change multiple copies at the same time.

Dragging one or multiple documents

Documents can easily be dragged into the application and be foreseen with the right information. This can be done per file or for all the documents at once.

Complete insight into files

Within QwoaterDIRECT, you can see which employees are missing any of the following documents: payroll tax statement, employment contract and ID. In the future, we will make the document types adjustable.

Support of multiple versions of a document

If there are multiple versions of a document, you can request to see the changes made in between versions.

Automatically generate a PDF

Almost every document type saved in Qwoater will automatically be generated in PDF. This file can be downloaded separately. Manually converting these files into PDF is not necessary.

Document rights per person

Per document type you can determine who has which rights: visible, read-only, edit, or delete permissions.

Safe environment

The documents in Qwoater are confidential. That is why users log in using 2-factor authentication. Safety is essential to Qwoater: every year, a SOC2 test is conducted and at least once a year, a PENtest is conducted.

One reality

The documents in QwoaterDIRECT are the same documents that are if authorised, visible in the connected services. There are no copies or wrong versions of documents in different locations, and therefore no unnecessary comparison. 

Insight through audit-trail

All activities within documents are logged in the audit-trail of the document. In this audit-trail, it is always visible (when authorised) who has taken which action from which system.

Insight in documents about employers, employees and employment contracts

Documents use the tones based off of the dimension you choose. For example, pick all employment contracts that will end in the next month, or all employee files of one client. 

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Innovative collaboration with clients

QwoaterDIRECT for accountants

QwoaterDIRECT makes it possible to directly manage your documents and files: from employee files to the entire annual report process. This way, you always have access to the correct information everywhere. With this document management software, you can collaborate efficiently with clients, employers and employees. Working from different online applications is in the past. Manage your documents from one safe location. 

Document management for accountants

  • Collaborate efficiently from one safe location
  • Save time through the ordered documents
  • Suitable for privacy-sensitive documents
  • Legal documents

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Man drinkt koffie en gebruikt QwoaterDIRECT
Controlle over jouw dossiers met QwoaterDIRECT

Control over your files

QwoaterDIRECT for employers

As an employer, you are responsible for building and maintaining employee files. These are subject to increasingly strict legislation on national and European levels because of the privacy-sensitive nature of the files. QwoaterDIRECT takes this burden off of your shoulders. You collaborate with your accountant from one AVG and GDPR-proof location. Next, you work efficiently with both the accountant and your employees. By assigning permissions, they can view, edit or check documents.

Document management for employers

  • Manage employee files easily and efficiently
  • Save time through collaboration with your accountant from one location
  • Comply with strict AVG and GDPR rules

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Connect with the document management software

QwoaterDIRECT for cloud services

Through the connection with QwoaterDIRECT, your platform features new functionalities. Our document management software is developing continuously. We add new functionalities and keep our current ones up to date. Clients who use your cloud service will not have to worry about document management, thanks to QwoaterDIRECT. Safe collaboration on documents and files has never been so easy.

Benefits for cloud service providers

  • Offers added value to customers in the field of document management
  • Always access the newest functionalities
  • Removes burdens concerning document management

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