SOC 3-Report:

how Qwoater secures your safety

As software developers, we are (and feel) responsible for your data. That is why online safety is implemented at the core of our software. That is how we minimise risks and secure your privacy. Our SOC 3-report is a tangible effect of that.
qwopater soc 3 report

What is a SOC 3-report?

SOC stands for Service Organisation Control and is a worldwide standard for the internal control of service organisations. In our case, this means explicitly that there will be research and tests done on information security, confidentiality and privacy (SOC 2).  The SOC 3 is a public, more accessible version of our SOC2 Type II report, just without the sensitive information. With this SOC 3-report, everyone can check if we take responsibility in doing our job.
wat is een soc 3 rapport
de voordelen voor jou

SOC 3 - The benefits for you

Transparency and honesty are the core values of Qwoater. We find it important that our current and future clients can see behind the scenes. Mutual trust is crucial for rich collaboration, after all. As a reader of the SOC 3-report, you can get an overview of how we handle your client data in all the layers of our processes and how we consider your privacy and safety in those processes.

The SOC 3-report states that Qwoater…

…is committed to the safety of the software;
…makes the software available 24/7;
…creates a sufficient degree of confidentiality;
…secures the privacy of clients.
Discover what Qwoater does to increase your safety