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Manage, share and archive all your cliënt and HR files safely and online. QwoaterDIRECT is the document management software for administration offices, accountants, payroll processors, and comparable service providers.   Discover why Qwoater works for you!

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Access your documents, anywhere and anytime

Qwoater supports you in building and maintaining structured cliënt and HR files.. With QwoaterDIRECT, you can work quickly and easily with employers and other stakeholders. Persons with the right authorization can look into files and documents. Give individuals the right to view, edit or check files. Document management from one online environment. Safe and fully AVG and GDPR-proof. 
Qwoater integrates with cloud solutions that clients use, like the salary software of Additionally, we integrate with GearSoft, Accept, and Daywize. Our goal is to connect with all cloud solutions within the accountancy. In that way, we offer an unambiguously, centrally managed client file.
Working safely together on documents and files has never been so easy.

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Functionalities of QwoaterDIRECT

Discover here how we support you in building and maintaining your files.

Preview on documents

No unnecessary downloads: documents are immediately readable after selecting. You can easily make the document bigger or smaller.

Edit documents directly

You can open Microsoft Office documents directly in our application. Additionally, you can directly edit them; this is also saved in QwoaterDIRECT.

Find documents easy

Do you want to find your documents quickly? With QwoaterDIRECT, you can search for characteristics or directly explore the text.

Digital signing

Want to sign all of your documents in a way that is digitally safe, trustworthy, and efficient? QwoaterDIRECT makes this more accessible than ever.
Curious about all the functionalities of QwoaterDIRECT?
Henk ten Hove, branch manager, 216 Accountants
‘Searching in the documents of different customers is easy and efficient with QwoaterDIRECT' .
Daniëlle Evers, specialist complex payroll processes, BDO
‘QwoaterDIRECT gives insight in payroll administration and saves a lot of time’.
Francina de Mooij, CEO Via Salaria
QwoaterDIRECT offers a lot of added value for our office. In addition to the accessible interface, the ability to search across all employees by document type is a great advantage.'
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Discover our connections

QwoaterDIRECT has seamless integration with these parties: is the biggest online platform in the Netherlands for HR and payroll administration. Do you quickly want access to all of your files? Use the seamless integration with QwoaterDIRECT.


GearSoft forms an extension for payroll solutions with reports and data analysis. Through the connection, payroll reports are automatically saved in employer files. 

Accept | SBR processor

Generate your SBR documents quickly and easily with Accept. Through our connection, you can import and connect files from QwoaterDIRECT. Very handy!


Daywize is a user-friendly, complete HR system. Through this connection, you can directly import documents from Daywize to QwoaterDIRECT.

The 8 advantages of Qwoater

Structure and insight

With Qwoater software, you directly receive a logical structure for your files.


Files and documents are only accessible to persons with the correct authorization.

Securing quality

Use standard templates that guarantee the quality of your documents.

Save time

Working together with online clients and HR files is convenient and efficient.

Clear prices

No surprises later; Qwoater guarantees transparent prices every year.

Storage and destruction period

With Qwoater software, you directly receive a logical structure for your files.

Comply with rules and regulations

All files automatically comply with the latest rules and regulations.

Share safe and efficient

Sharing and working on files with Qwoater is a safe way of working.
Discover why Qwoater works for you!

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