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Connecting with Qwoater 

As a cloud service provider within the accountancy, you see many documents that are part of the cliënt files of your customers. As the use of documents increases, it demands more attention at the expense of your core functions. By connecting with Qwoater, you solve this problem and make it possible for your customers to handle documents more efficiently. Qwoater focuses on document management and functionality within the accountancy and its stakeholders. 


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6 reasons to connect with Qwoater

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    Access to the newest functionalities

    Qwoater implements new functionalities constantly. These are automatically available through our API. The latest functionalities like digital signing or connections are always at your disposal.
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    Flexible authorisation structure

    You can set up which parties are authorised to look at or edit documents through our flexible authorisation structure. You can edit your authorisation structure based on the roles that support your cloud service.
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    Central file building

    With Qwoater, you can save all of the documents from your file in one central location. Therefore, your customers have access to the new, relevant pieces of a file from all the connected cloud services.
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    Seamless integration

    You can integrate our functionalities in relevant places within your cloud services. This way, document processing is a seamless part of the business processes for you and your customers.
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    Always privacy proof

    Because of our experience with HR files, we secure the privacy and safety of your files. Leave privacy legislation, retention periods, and more to Qwoater. Additionally, we are SOC2 certified so you are always secure in quality service. 
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    Use of Qwoater channel

    Qwoater serves many offices (including 70% of the top 30 accountancy and administration offices). By connecting with Qwoater, you expand your reach and offer your customers more added value. 

Interest in connecting with Qwoater?

Choose the option that fits you best

Option 1 | Qwoater API

All client-related documents can be uploaded and downloaded through our API. In addition to HR documents, you can use it for administration files, financial statements, advisement files, legalization files and assurance files.

Option 2 | Via partner

You can deliver HR documents at the employer (customer) and employee levels. This can be done via our API, and can also become available for some partners.

Option 3 | Full integration

Next to exchanging documents, you can fully integrate Qwoater into your application (for example, In this way of connecting, you get all functionalities in your application. For example:

  • Document generation
  • Automatically save and delete terms
  • Digital signing
  • Sharing documents with third parties

Option 4 | Single Sign-On

Planned for the second half of 2022

Interest in connecting with Qwoater?

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Voordelen van Qwoater

Qwoater in a nutshell

  • Digitaal ondertekenen

    Digital signing

  • Beveiligen van documenten

    Documents secured optimally

  • Onbeperkte omvang van dossiers

    Unlimited sie of files

  • Documenten doorzoekbaar maken

    Searchable documents

  • Op de juiste wijze meta-dateren van documenten

    Establishing metadata on documents

  • Bewaar- en vernietigingstermijnen worden automatisch gehandhaafd

    Save and delete terms are automatically maintained

  • Classificeren en indelen van documenten

    Classification and sorting of documents

  • Mutaties worden in audittrail geregistreerd

    Mutations are registered in the audit-trail

  • Documenten op veilige wijze deelbaar maken

    Documents are shareable in a safe way

  • Veelgestelde vragen

    Supporting documents and files in the accountancy and administration branches among other thins, Financial Statements, audits, payroll and advice

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