Qwoater: what we stand for and where we are going

Qwoater offers the solution for accountants to store all client documents in a secure, sharable and manageable client file. Manage, share, structure and archive all your client and HR records safely and online. With Qwoater you retain control over all your client documents.


The Qwoater concept

A correct and complete insight into all documents and contact with your client remains a major challenge for you as an accountancy firm. In our opinion, this challenge can only be solved with a central customer dossier that all different expertises within the office use.

Not only should colleagues and stakeholders be able to access the same documents (if authorized), but the same dossier should also be made easily available to all cloud solutions that you use as an accountancy firm.

Qwoater has realized this concept in the core of its solution. This sets us apart from many other solutions in use for storing client documents within the accountancy and related industries.

The benefits of Qwoater

More efficient processes

All those involved work with Qwoater from the same client file. This saves a lot of time. Processing e-mails with attachments, for example, becomes a thing of the past. It is also clear to everyone involved which documents are up to date, as everyone works with the same source of documents. Coordinating with colleagues or the secretariat to find the correct version is no longer necessary.

More effective services

Many offices make a distinction between the application for the internal client file and the external client file with the documents supplied by the client or to which the client has access. With Qwoater this difference no longer exists. This results in greater effectiveness, because dragging and dropping documents is no longer necessary.

Extra service to your customers through a complete customer view

With Qwoater, everyone in the office has access to the same client file. This makes it clear to all colleagues which services are provided to a client and which issues are relevant. This ensures that departments cooperate better and provide more and better services.

The ambition of Qwoater

Qwoater is working hard to be the solution of choice within the accountancy branch for the central storage of all client related documents and correspondence. We optimise all document related client processes and relieve accountants and the SaaS-solutions they use with regard to document management.


The functions of Qwoater in a nutshell

  • Insight into file completeness
  • Legally valid digital signing
  • Unambiguous access to (parts of) the client file for the office, the client, and other parties involved.
  • Extensive authorisations based on role, customer groups and document types.
  • E-mail notifications upon delivery of documents (by your client, for example)
  • Automatic destruction periods

Would you also like to manage client files in a secure, shareable and well-organised manner with the software for accountants and related sectors? Then download our brochure now!